Top 5 Trading Platforms For Day Traders

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The Daily traders face many dilemmas, as it is incredibly risky as compared to the swing trading. Many a times you have to ask some question by yourself to take decisions.

But the dynamics of daily trading depends on lot many factors and by taking some simple steps the chances of losses could be minimized if not wholly removed.

The most important decision that can make or break the trade is to come across the right brokerage firm.

You have to sweat hard to come into the full brokerage firm depending on many factors, which include commission, they charge, trading platforms, the level of customer support and the financial health of the business itself.

Certainly you will have a long way to go as a daily trader if you think out of the box. The success of the Daily traders depends on the software platform they are using followed by speed of order execution.

Even if you delay for a few seconds, it may mean losses for you. Most of the trade taking place say 50-75 percent are high-frequency traders.

It is a thumb rule in the daily trading that if you execute your trade just a second or two too late, then even a profitable trade may turn into a loss.

Many of the trading firms have the feature of free trading simulators or demo accounts, which allows the prospective daily traders to be satisfied with the speed of the software.

Customer service is also one of the benchmarks for choosing the right firm. In the case of software crashes or any other unexpected failures, you need a strong support pillar behind you who can fix the problem for in the least possible time.

A reliable company will be your best friend in the daily trading who can take care of your business needs not only by providing the fast trading platform but also making your trading ideas feasible.

There is no generalized theory for making a successful daily trader, but a better choice of the brokerage firm minimizes your risk.

Being an active trader means you will prefer a broker with lower commission rates thus maximizing your profit. But if you are a lesser active daily trader then the customer service comes ahead of the slightly higher rates.

So if you are still bewildered on how to choose the best brokerage firm for the daily trading, we will make your search easier.

Here is the list of the top five brokerage firm with the unique trading platform and we will tell you why?

  1. Interactive Brokers

One of the most sought after broking firm the Interactive Brokers commonly referred to, as IB may be an ideal choice with the highly competitive commission rates.

The IB group along with its affiliates boasts of the sound equity capital of over $ 5 billion. Barrons named the Interactive Brokers the best online broker for the fourth consecutive year in 2015.

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